AirFocus Variable Speed Directional Ceiling Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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SKU: 81011304

Powerful Air Circulation

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Fast, Easy Installation


  • Diameter: 59 Inches (1.5m)

  • Weight: 134 lbs. (60.8kg)

  • Electrical: 115-1P VAC (optional 230-1P VAC)

  • Output: 43,000 CFM (1,360 m3/min)

  • Motor: 1.5 HP, Inverter motor, Class F Insulation, TEFC Industry Duty, IP-55, UL

  • Controls: AirFocus VS: Variable Speed VFD, IP-66 Enclosure, AirFocus SS: Single Speed

  • Noise Level: 43.4 DB (20' from fan on axis)