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Improve Productivity and Comfort in Auto Shops

Auto Repair and Service shops are busy environments, with technicians working in, on, and around vehicles. Good Technicians are in high demand, and employee retention is top of mind with any business owner. Air Movement Solutions is an authority in the automotive shop space and realizes that these spaces can be a challenge and may require a combination of products to achieve employee comfort and maximum productivity.

Some facilities have larger, open areas that facilitate use of an HVLS Fan in the space. That said, not all facilities have “open spaces”. Some ceilings are lower height. Other shops have equipment and obstructions that make using a large fan a challenge. This is where Air Movement Solutions comes in. AMS Fans are uniquely designed to provide safe, silent air movement that can be used in countless applications.

One solution is the AirMobile Fan. As shop layouts and equipment changes, so can the AirMobile be moved to focus cooling air where it is needed most. Additionally, it can be used to help Exhaust air from a shop, or Supply outdoor air into the shop as needed.

Another solution is AirFocus. AirFocus is a Caged, 59” Overhead Fan. AirFocus Overhead Fans are hung via four 'Safe Straps', which allow for positioning in a traditional Overhead setup, or at an Angle to throw air where it is needed.

Try one of our budget conscious fans. Order and install it (DIY-Install). Then observe and enjoy how it moves air in your space.

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