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Industrial fans from Air Movement Solutions can provide a more comfortable, productive, and enjoyable environment for a variety of different markets. If you need to improve the circulation and airflow in your space, we have the industrial fan solution for you. Whether you need a large HVLS fan or a more compact directional fan, our selection has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our powerful whisper-quiet industrial fan applications and we can help determine which type of fan is best suited for your needs.

Agriculture & Barns

Animal comfort in hot weather is critical. A cooling breeze helps provide relief to ‘heat-stressed’ animals. We offer a range of commercial fans designed to enhance livestock health and worker comfort in the agricultural industry. With whisper-quiet operation, easy installation, and variable speed settings, AMS fans boost animal comfort and productivity. Equally important is the ability to provide agricultural fans that can fit into the required space, and be easily adjustable to provide multiple angles of air delivery. Air Focus with its Safe-Strap mounting system is the industrial fan solution to that problem.

Discover the benefits of using our heavy-duty agricultural fans in your operations.

Industrial Fans For Agriculture
Industrial Fans for Auto Shops

Auto Garages & Work Shops

Service shops can have lots of obstructions, and require a fan that can be installed in tight spaces for maximum coverage. Our directional fans were designed with auto service shops in mind. These fans are portable, adjustable, and offer simple DIY installation allowing you to move air where you need it most. The use of industrial fans will enhance comfort and efficiency in garages by maintaining safe temperatures and improving human performance. These benefits along with the fans' cost-effectiveness and high airflow capabilities make them an ideal choice for professional workshops.

Learn about the benefits of using our industrial strength shop fans in your garage.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Nowhere else is a cool breeze more welcome than in a gym. Hardworking bodies put off heat, sweat, and odor. Having an industrial fan that can fit into your club’s space and deliver air where you need it most is the ultimate industrial fan solution for cooling comfort. AMS Fans contribute to a more enjoyable workout experience by providing a gentle breeze which is critical for maintaining a pleasant gym environment for patrons and staff alike. Let’s evaluate whether an overhead fan or a portable commercial fan is the best solution for your club. Our fans are energy-efficient, operate quietly, and offer versatile placement options, making them ideal for various spaces.

Find out how our industrial strength gym fans can improve your environment.

Industrial Fans for Gyms
Industrial Outdoor Fans for Events

Hospitality & Events

Events are particularly susceptible to weather conditions. If it is too hot, patrons are less engaged and tend to leave sooner. Our portable Air Mobile directional fan is the crowd choice at many an outdoor or indoor gathering due to its near-silent operation combined with strong airflow that can be felt 100 feet away. Our products offer endless industrial fan applications from sporting events, outdoor marketplaces, and other summer events where attendees need a break from the heat.

Read more about how our commercial fans for outdoor events can make a difference.

Manufacturing & Factories

Manufacturing spaces require fans that are caged for safety, and robust enough to take incidental contact. Our directional fans are OSHA-compliant and bring a much needed comfortable breeze to your employees in actively hot environments. Our factory fans are perfect for industrial spaces that require near silent air delivery in challenging or tight work spaces. They require less clearance space than traditional HVLS fans, yet are able to move air over 100 feet away.

Learn how our factory fans can help improve your workplace.

Industrial Fans for Factories
Industrial Fans for Warehouses


Warehouses can create stagnant pockets of warm air in their long corridors. Having an industrial fan that is designed to move air over 100 feet helps keep things cool. Our Air Focus directional fan can be hung from the ceiling or a wall to create a powerful stream of air. The Air Mobile can be moved easily to bring cooling air flow to a loading dock or high volume traffic area during the busy hours. If your warehouse suffers from the heat, let our industrial fan solutions bring much needed comfort and air flow.

Find out more about how our industrial fans provide warehouse cooling solutions at an economical price.

Vector Commercial Misting Fan

Don’t mistake the high aesthetics, Vector is an industrial grade cooling solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Silent operation, wide range oscillation, and ease of mobility make it the superior choice in commercial outdoor misting fan solutions. Review our product details for specifics, and imagine how a Vector commercial misting fan will compliment your people, and your space.

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AirBlast Loading Dock Fan

The AirBlast loading dock fan is ideally sized at 16” for use in a multitude of tight spaces. This powerful dock fan comes with a mobile pedestal or you can get an optional arm to mount it to a wall or loading dock doors. Our industrial pedestal fan delivers huge amounts of air over 100’ distance. The AirBlast high velocity pedestal fan can also be angled up/down as appropriate for your specific application. Improve worker performance and safety with industrial fans like the AirBlast loading dock fan!

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Airius Onyx

Use the Airius Onyx in high bay installations to equalize temperature and humidity in buildings that suffer from stratification. The Onyx series fan can reduce stratification and increase thermal comfort all year long. The Onyx fan helps reduce ceiling temperature to extend the life of lighting and ceiling mounted equipment. By controlling stratification in your environment, the Airius Onyx series helps reduce your overall energy costs.

Available in White or Black

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Airius Pearl

Our Airius Pearl fans are designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across spaces that suffer from stratification or require increased air circulation. The Airuius Pearl series fans are designed to be compact and lightweight.

Available in White, Black and Grey.

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The Air Pear is the most popular destratification fan that we offer. The Airius Air Pear is designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across large spaces that suffer from stratification. Air Pear fans feature a patented stator and unique nozzle design to gently throw air over long distances for ceiling to floor air rotation.

Available in White, Black and Grey.

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