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What AirFlow does your facility need?

While some layouts are similar, many facilities are quite different as it relates to their physical layouts and where the employees are located.

The ability to properly review and recommend air movement solutions for a space requires a product line-up that includes Overhead, as well as Mobile Fan Solutions.

Another feature of a quality Industrial Fan is the noise level it produces. Moving large amounts no longer needs to be 'loud'. As fans are naturally located around people (for comfort) pick a fan that has a decibel range of 43 or less decibels - about the noise level inside your public library.

Hanging Height should be field adjustable, and the inclusion of a Cage on the front of the fan is mandatory as it prevents any incidental contact.

By their design, Overhead Fans can also provide airflow that spreads multiple times diameter for wide cooling coverage. One feature for some Overhead Fans is the ability to adjust the angle of air throw. Flexible 'Safe Straps' that each support 10x or more the weight of the fan can be used to support the fan, and change airflow from Overhead direction…to an angled or longitudinal throw.

As Equipment occupies a large part of many spaces, Mobile Fan Solutions are in high demand due to their portability. If a shop configuration changes daily, weekly, or monthly, a Mobile fan is very easily moved to accommodate the changes.

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