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Commercial fans help make any environment more comfortable. Keep your space comfortable and well-ventilated with our reliable commercial cooling fans. Our selection of commercial industrial fans provide powerful airflow and effective cooling solutions. Whether you need commercial ceiling fans like an HVLS fan, or an Evaporative Cooler that can be positioned or moved easily, our selection has you covered. Order one of our high-quality commercial grade fans to enhance air circulation and improve human performance. 

AirFocus Variable Speed Directional Ceiling Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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Airius Onyx

Use the Airius Onyx in high bay installations to equalize temperature and humidity in buildings that suffer from stratification. The Onyx series fan can reduce stratification and increase thermal comfort all year long. The Onyx fan helps reduce ceiling temperature to extend the life of lighting and ceiling mounted equipment. By controlling stratification in your environment, the Airius Onyx series helps reduce your overall energy costs.

Available in White or Black

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Airius Pearl

Our Airius Pearl fans are designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across spaces that suffer from stratification or require increased air circulation. The Airuius Pearl series fans are designed to be compact and lightweight.

Available in White, Black and Grey.

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The Air Pear is the most popular destratification fan that we offer. The Airius Air Pear is designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across large spaces that suffer from stratification. Air Pear fans feature a patented stator and unique nozzle design to gently throw air over long distances for ceiling to floor air rotation.

Available in White, Black and Grey.

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Revolutionize Your Air Circulation With Commercial Fans

At Air Movement Solutions, we take air circulation to the next level with our exceptional range of commercial fans. Engineered to meet the demands of dynamic business environments, our commercial cooling fans encompass a variety of cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance comfort, efficiency and overall ambiance in your space. From commercial floor fans to commercial ceiling fans, our selection has a solution that meets your needs, providing unmatched comfort and performance.

Explore the innovative world of commercial industrial fans with Air Movement Solutions and experience a new dimension in air circulation.


We Carry a Diverse Range of Commercial Cooling Fans

At Air Movement Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of commercial cooling fans that cater to a wide spectrum of needs. Our commitment to innovation and performance ensures that each fan is designed to optimize air circulation in various commercial settings.

  • HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fans: Our high-volume, low-speed ceiling fans are champions of airflow efficiency in expansive spaces. Experience the power of silent yet impactful air distribution, enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • Flexible Evaporative Coolers: Mobility and cooling precision converge in our evaporative coolers. With effortless positioning and movement, these commercial fans adapt swiftly to your space's requirements, providing effective cooling exactly where needed.
  • Vector Commercial Misting Fan: Elevate outdoor comfort with the Vector commercial misting fan. Combining cooling mist with directed airflow transforms semi-enclosed areas into refreshing zones of relief.
  • Portable Directional Fans: Our portable directional fans step in when pinpoint cooling is paramount. These fans offer personalized airflow, ensuring specific zones receive the cooling attention they deserve.
  • Warehouse Commercial Industrial Fans: Introducing our Warehouse commercial industrial fans – designed specifically for large storage spaces and distribution centers. These fans enhance air circulation, maintain consistent temperatures and promote a more comfortable work environment.
  • & More

Enhancing Environments Through Commercial-Grade Fans

Commercial-grade fans from Air Movement Solutions offer a multitude of benefits that extend beyond basic air circulation. These fans are crafted to optimize the ambiance and efficiency of commercial spaces, fostering an environment where comfort and productivity thrive. By facilitating consistent air movement, our commercial fans help maintain consistent temperatures and reduce humidity levels, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for employees and patrons.

Additionally, commercial industrial fans play a crucial role in improving indoor air quality by promoting fresh air circulation and mitigating stagnant pockets. Whether it's the efficient distribution of air in expansive warehouses or the refreshing breeze provided by misting fans in outdoor settings, our solutions are engineered to elevate comfort, enhance operational performance and ultimately transform how you experience your commercial space.

Setting Up Your Commercial Fan

Check out this short video to see how simple our setup process is.

Elevate Your Environment With Commercial Fans Today

Ready to transform your commercial space into a haven of comfort and efficiency? Look no further than Air Movement Solutions. From HVLS commercial ceiling fans that redefine airflow dynamics to adaptable evaporative coolers and precision misting fans, we have the perfect fit for your unique needs. Transform your environment today and experience the difference our commercial fans can make.

Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial Cooling Fans

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about commercial cooling fans, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Yes! Commercial-grade fans play a significant role in enhancing indoor air quality. By promoting air circulation, they help distribute fresh air throughout the space, reducing the presence of stagnant air pockets and potential odors. This circulation can also aid in dispersing airborne particles and improving air freshness.

Like any equipment, commercial industrial fans benefit from regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Routine tasks such as cleaning fan blades and checking motor components can help extend the lifespan of your fans.

HVLS commercial cooling fans generate a gentle breeze over a wide area by moving a high air volume at a low speed. This efficient air movement helps regulate temperatures, reduces reliance on air conditioning, and promotes energy savings.

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