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Destratification fans by Airius help achieve improved indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Our selection of commercial and industrial destratification fans are ideal for warehouses and large spaces. With our ceiling-mounted destratification fans for warehouses, you can create efficient air circulation, which eliminates temperature imbalances created by thermal stratification, and promotes a more pleasant work environment. As trusted destratification fan suppliers, Air Movement Solutions brings you innovative solutions to revolutionize your indoor workspace, including cooling solutions like our HVLS fans, directional fans, and evaporative coolers. Explore the future of large space air circulation with our premium destratification fan options.

Airius Onyx

Use the Airius Onyx in high bay installations to equalize temperature and humidity in buildings that suffer from stratification. The Onyx series fan can reduce stratification and increase thermal comfort all year long. The Onyx fan helps reduce ceiling temperature to extend the life of lighting and ceiling mounted equipment. By controlling stratification in your environment, the Airius Onyx series helps reduce your overall energy costs.

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Airius Pearl

Our Airius Pearl fans are designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across spaces that suffer from stratification or require increased air circulation. The Airuius Pearl series fans are designed to be compact and lightweight.

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The Air Pear is the most popular destratification fan that we offer. The Airius Air Pear is designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across large spaces that suffer from stratification. Air Pear fans feature a patented stator and unique nozzle design to gently throw air over long distances for ceiling to floor air rotation.

Available in White, Black and Grey.

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Understanding Destratification Fans

Destratification fans are engineered to tackle the challenge of thermal stratification in large spaces, such as warehouses, athletic facilities, aviation hangars, commercial settings and industrial facilities. Thermal stratification is a common issue where warm air rises and forms layers of varying temperatures from the ceiling to the floor. Commercial destratification fans work by redistributing the warm air from the ceiling back down to the floor level, ensuring a uniform temperature throughout the space. This creates a comfortable working environment and significantly reduces heating and cooling costs.


The Remarkable Efficiency of Airius Destratification Fans

Air Movement Solutions proudly partners with Airius destratification fans. Their destratification fan products set a benchmark in the industry for quality, performance and energy efficiency. Here’s a glimpse into why Airius destratification fans are a preferred choice for warehouse cooling solutions.

Superior Air Mixing

The unique design of Airius destratification fans ensures effective air mixing, eliminating hot and cold spots, which is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature.

  • Energy Savings: By reducing the workload on heating systems, these commercial destratification fans contribute to year-round energy savings of up to 35%, making them an environmentally friendly choice.t
  • Versatile Applications: Whether it's a warehouse, a retail store or an industrial facility, the versatile design of Airius destratification fans adapts to various settings, delivering optimal performance. If you have questions about sizing, model choices or spacing, we can help you select the proper fans for your business.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The ceiling-mounted design allows for a straightforward installation, and the fans require minimal maintenance, making destratification fans a cost-effective solution over time.
  • Quiet Operation: Engineered for a quiet operation, our selection of Airius destratification fans ensures a less noisy workspace.

Optimizing Warehouse Conditions with Destratification Fans

Maintaining a uniform temperature in warehouse spaces, particularly during extreme climatic conditions, presents a considerable challenge. Our affordable destratification fans for warehouse applications are engineered to tackle this issue. Here are the core benefits:

  • Temperature Uniformity: Establish a balanced temperature across the vertical space, enhancing the comfort and safety for employees.
  • Energy Cost Reduction: Significantly cut heating and cooling expenses by optimizing the distribution of conditioned air.
  • Product Preservation: Ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods by maintaining a stable temperature.
  • Productivity Enhancement: A temperature-controlled working atmosphere increases employee satisfaction and improves productivity.

Employing destratification fans in warehouse environments marks a stride towards a more energy-efficient and comfortable workspace, aligning with the contemporary sustainability objectives of businesses.

The Power of Airius Destratification Fans

Discover the efficiency and benefits of Airius destratification fans in action. In this video, we showcase how these powerful fans enhance indoor comfort, reduce energy costs and create a more pleasant environment.

Experience the Difference with Air Movement Solutions and Airius Destratification Fans

At Air Movement Solutions, we're dedicated to providing innovative destratification fan solutions that enhance indoor comfort and energy efficiency. With a range of options, including commercial destratification fans and models ideal for high bay installations, our fans are engineered to meet your unique needs. Enjoy the benefits of temperature uniformity, energy savings and improved air quality in your commercial or warehouse space. Make the smart choice for your workspace – contact us for quote and start saving money with Air Movement Solutions commercial destratification fans today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Destratification Fans

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about Airius destratification fans and their benefits in warehouse and commercial settings.

Destratification fans for warehouse applications aid in redistributing warm air accumulated at the ceiling level back down to the floor. This process significantly reduces the need for additional heating, leading to notable energy savings and contributing to a more eco-friendly indoor environment.

The Onyx destratification fan is ideally suited for high bay applications because it can efficiently equalize temperature and humidity in spaces with elevated ceilings. High bay spaces often experience significant thermal stratification, where warm air accumulates near the ceiling. The Onyx fan's robust destratification capabilities effectively address this challenge by redistributing the trapped warm air back down to the floor level, creating a more balanced temperature environment. This enhances comfort and reduces heating and cooling costs, making it particularly well-suited for high bay installations.

Airius destratification fans are engineered, manufactured and distributed around the world from their US-based manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Colorado.

The typical lead time for a destratification fan is around 10 business days from the moment the order is placed.

Airius destratification fans are highly regarded for their superior air mixing capabilities, energy-saving performance, versatile applications across various settings, ease of installation and quiet operation, making them an industry-preferred choice for combating thermal stratification.

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