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Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are perfect for any hot, dry, and otherwise demanding environment. Portable evaporative air coolers offer reliable cooling support both indoors and outdoors. Harnessing the power of water evaporation, evaporative coolers provide refreshing, cost-effective cooling solutions. Our portable evaporative coolers let you decide where and how to use them. Partner an evaporative cooler with other industrial fans like a directional fan or HVLS fan and you have a cooling combination that wins. Browse our selection of evaporative air coolers designed to keep your employees, and your customers comfortable while reducing energy consumption. 

Vector Commercial Misting Fan

Don’t mistake the high aesthetics, Vector is an industrial grade cooling solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Silent operation, wide range oscillation, and ease of mobility make it the superior choice in commercial outdoor misting fan solutions. Review our product details for specifics, and imagine how a Vector commercial misting fan will compliment your people, and your space.

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Spartan Smart Mobile Evaporative Cooler

Rugged is an understatement for the Spartan smart mobile evaporative cooler. Designed for constant use in any outdoor environment, Spartan is the ultimate industrial portable evaporative cooler on the market. Combine smart controls with strong performance, and Spartan will cool your employees, your team, or whatever your target audience is. Review our product details for specifics, and contact us to achieve the Spartan mobile evaporative cooling experience.

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Evaporative Coolers: Efficient and Versatile Climate Control Solutions

Discover the transformative impact of evaporative coolers in managing indoor and outdoor climates. These innovative cooling solutions leverage the natural cooling properties of water evaporation to significantly reduce air temperatures, making them an ideal choice for many different environments. Distinguished by their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, evaporative air coolers provide a sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning methods.


Selecting the Ideal Portable Evaporative Cooler for Your Space

Our portable evaporative air cooler options offer flexible, efficient cooling solutions for diverse settings, ensuring optimal comfort in both indoor and rugged outdoor environments.

Vector Commercial Misting Fan: Aesthetic, Efficient, and Advanced Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

The Vector Commercial Misting Fan sets the standard for evaporative coolers with its CrossFlow™ Efficiency, a proprietary technology that ensures directed air oscillation without articulating parts. This portable evaporative cooler is the epitome of versatility, offering climate control with airflow-only, vapor or mist capabilities to adapt to any setting. Constructed with a durable, weatherproof body and a fully enclosed system, it's engineered to endure any climate. Portability is effortless thanks to its heavy-duty wheels and a design that allows it to tilt and transport like a hand truck.

Designed to redefine the atmosphere of commercial, industrial and residential spaces, Vector's GFI-compatible system not only maintains a safe and breathable environment but also mitigates health concerns by addressing heat, airborne viruses, dust and mold. It delivers a powerful air output of 9,000 CFM at a velocity of 35 MPH, while operating within a variable power usage range of 100-1000 W. The cooler runs on 120 V with a utility frequency of 60 Hz and features variable speeds, providing a cooling capacity for areas up to 2,500 sq ft. The Vector Commercial Misting Fan is an unobtrusive yet formidable portable evaporative air cooler solution with a generous water reservoir of 15 gallons and an operational noise level of just 58 dB.

Benefits of Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portable evaporative air coolers offer many advantages, making them a preferred choice for efficient and eco-friendly cooling.

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Portable evaporative coolers are known for their energy-efficient operation. Using the natural water evaporation process, evaporative coolers consume less electricity than traditional air conditioning units, leading to lower energy bills and cost savings.
  • Versatile and Easy to Use: The versatility of portable evaporative air coolers is unmatched. They can be easily moved to different locations, providing cooling wherever needed. This makes swamp coolers ideal for use in a variety of settings, from home to outdoor events.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cooling: Evaporative coolers are eco-friendly because they don't use harmful refrigerants and have a lower carbon footprint, making them a sustainable choice for those conscious of their environmental impact.
  • Effective in Dry Climates: Interestingly, despite their name, swamp coolers are not suitable for use in humid, moist, or swampy regions. In hot and dry climates, portable evaporative coolers are particularly effective because they add moisture to the air while cooling, providing relief in arid conditions where traditional air conditioning may be less effective.

Spartan Smart Mobile Evaporative Cooler: Rugged and Reliable Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

The Spartan Smart Mobile Evaporative Cooler stands out in outdoor, demanding environments. Designed for continuous use, this rugged and durable outdoor evaporative cooler incorporates smart controls for outstanding performance. It's an ideal portable evaporative air cooler for cooling employees and teams in industrial settings, offering reliability and efficiency in challenging conditions.

With a substantial air delivery of 12,500 CFM and a velocity exceeding 40 mph, the Spartan Evaporative Cooler offers extensive coverage of up to 3,000 sq ft. Its oscillation range of 70°, combined with ten variable speeds, allows for targeted cooling. The portable evaporative air cooler's significant water reservoir of 60 gallons promises prolonged operation, catering to industrial needs without frequent refills. Despite its formidable power usage range of 100 to 1,000 W, it maintains an acceptable noise level of 59 dB. This portable outdoor evaporative cooler is not just an asset for industrial settings but also a commitment to creating a difference in the world of mobile cooling.

Experience Cool Comfort with Evaporative Coolers from Air Movement Solutions

Transform your working spaces into havens of cool relief with our top-of-the-line evaporative coolers. At Air Movement Solutions, we're dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cooling solutions that are both efficient and eco-friendly. Our evaporative coolers deliver refreshing and crisp air, making them ideal for hot and dry climates. Plus, they consume less energy than traditional cooling systems, saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us now, and let our Air Movement Solutions experts help you choose the ideal evaporative cooler to ensure comfort and efficiency in your space.

Evaporative Cooler FAQs

Explore common questions about evaporative air coolers to make an informed decision for your cooling needs.

Portable evaporative coolers are ideal for indoor spaces in dry climates, where they efficiently lower temperatures by adding comfortable humidity to the air. These units are well-suited to residential or office environments lacking central air conditioning or where supplemental cooling is needed. They can also improve air quality by filtering dust and particulates as they circulate fresh air throughout the room.

Evaporative air coolers excel in environments with arid conditions, where the air is dry, and the additional moisture they provide can offer a cooling effect without causing discomfort.

Evaporative coolers are favored for their ease of upkeep. Routine maintenance typically involves simple tasks such as rinsing or replacing the cooling pads, draining and cleaning the water tank, and occasionally checking the fan and motor. These straightforward procedures can often be done without professional help, making swamp coolers a convenient option for those seeking a low-maintenance cooling solution.

A portable evaporative cooler uses water-soaked pads and a fan to cool air through water evaporation. This process adds humidity to the air, so it is used in dry climates. In contrast, a portable air conditioner uses refrigerants to remove heat from the air, releasing it outside through an exhaust hose. Because of this, air conditioners are more suitable for humid areas. Additionally, evaporative air coolers generally use less energy and are more cost-effective than portable air conditioners.

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