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Discover the transformative impact of factory fans for manufacturing facilities. At Air Movement Solutions, we specialize in providing factory cooling solutions tailored to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your workspace. Our factory ceiling fans and portable manufacturing fans are designed to optimize air circulation and temperature control, ensuring a more productive and pleasant environment for employees. Explore our fans for manufacturing facilities and experience the difference today.

AirBlast Loading Dock Fan

The AirBlast loading dock fan is ideally sized at 16” for use in a multitude of tight spaces. This powerful dock fan comes with a mobile pedestal or you can get an optional arm to mount it to a wall or loading dock doors. Our industrial pedestal fan delivers huge amounts of air over 100’ distance. The AirBlast high velocity pedestal fan can also be angled up/down as appropriate for your specific application. Improve worker performance and safety with industrial fans like the AirBlast loading dock fan!

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AirComfort HVLS Fan

The AirComfort Series from Air Movement Solutions leads the industry with the perfect combination of High Aesthetics and serious Air Movement. Available in sizes from 7’ to 14’, it fits a wide range of venues such as: Restaurants and Bars, Fitness Centers, Retail shopping, to Shops and Barn spaces. A complete selection of control options exist as well.

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AirFlow HVLS Fan

AirFlow is perfect for large spaces, tall ceilings, and customers that want Industrial Reliability at an affordable price. Consider the 20’ or 24’ diameter AirFlow in large open areas where the direct drive and airfoils produce columns of air that will put smiling faces on occupants…

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AirFocus Single Speed Industrial Overhead Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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AirFocus Variable Speed Directional Ceiling Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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AirMobile Portable Directional Fan

AirMobile is a portable directional fan that delivers huge air with very low noise levels. This means a quiet operation for anyone working close to the fan, yet powerful enough to move air 100’ or more away. OSHA finger guarding, and useable indoors or outdoors.

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The Advantages of Factory Ceiling Fans

Factory ceiling fans offer a multitude of advantages for manufacturing facilities. Beyond just cooling the air, these HVLS fans significantly enhance air quality and circulation, creating a more comfortable and health-conscious workspace. This improved environment not only boosts employee comfort but also contributes to increased productivity. Our factory ceiling fans are designed for versatility, catering to different facility sizes and layouts. With energy-efficient models, they provide an economical solution to temperature regulation, reducing reliance on costly HVAC systems. Embrace the benefits of superior air circulation with our specialized factory ceiling fans.


Key Benefits of Factory Fans from AMS

All of our factory cooling solutions play a crucial role in maintaining optimal working conditions in manufacturing facilities. Our fans for manufacturing facilities offer several important benefits:

  • Enhanced Air Quality: Our manufacturing fans significantly improve air circulation, effectively reducing pollutants and dust in your manufacturing facility. This leads to a healthier, cleaner environment, which improves employee well-being and productivity.
  • Energy Efficiency: AMS factory ceiling fans are engineered for energy-saving performance. Their extended cooling range, effective over 100 feet, is ideal for large factory spaces. This efficiency not only lowers your energy bills but also reduces the workload on existing HVAC systems, making it a cost-effective factory cooling solution.
  • Versatile Design: We offer a range of fans for manufacturing facilities, ensuring a perfect fit regardless of the size or layout of your space. Their adaptable design makes them ideal for various industrial environments, enhancing cooling effectiveness everywhere.
  • Durability and Reliability: Each fan is built to endure the demanding conditions of manufacturing facilities, promising long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.
  • Quiet Operation: Our manufacturing facility fans are designed to operate at low noise levels. This feature ensures a more focused and less disruptive working and safer environment.
  • Ease of Installation: AMS factory fans are easy to install, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup in your manufacturing facility.

Each of these features is crafted to meet the unique demands of manufacturing environments, ensuring a more comfortable, efficient and productive workspace. Whether you are looking for industrial fans or an evaporative cooler, you get the best at AMS.

Accelerate Performance with Advanced Factory Fans

Revitalize your workspace with our state-of-the-art factory ceiling fans and directional fans. Tailored for enhanced air movement and energy efficiency, our factory fans are a vital upgrade for any manufacturing environment. Looking to innovate? Our quiet and durable cooling solutions propel your facility into a new era of comfort and productivity. Call us for a quote to start your journey to an improved workspace today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Factory Cooling Fans

Looking for more information about manufacturing facility fans? Our FAQs cover essential details to help you choose the right cooling solution.

Factory ceiling fans, such as the AirFocus and AirMobile models, enhance air circulation, reducing pollutants and dust. They operate quietly (under 44 dB) and move a large volume of air, making them more efficient and less disruptive than traditional barrel fans.

AMS factory ceiling fans and evaporative coolers are designed to perform quietly. Our fans for manufacturing facilities cool large expanses without disruptive noise, making the environment more pleasant and safer for workers and guests.

Manufacturing facility fans help maintain consistent temperatures across large areas, essential for worker comfort and process stability in manufacturing environments.

Yes, with features like the Safe Strap mounting system for easy DIY installation and industrial casters for mobility, our fans for manufacturing facilities are versatile for various facility sizes and layouts.

All of our American-made factory cooling solutions are designed for industrial conditions, offering exceptional durability and reliability. The belt-driven mechanism ensures quiet operation and longevity, and the fans come with a 5-year factory warranty.

Air Movement Solutions' factory fans excel with superior design, focusing on efficiency, quietness and versatility. Engineered for optimal performance, they enhance air quality and comfort in demanding industrial spaces. Featuring energy-efficient motors and durable construction, our manufacturing fans are crafted for the rigors of factory use. Choosing AMS means opting for leading-edge factory cooling solutions tailored to the demands of manufacturing facilities.

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