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Ensuring the comfort of guests and staff at outdoor and indoor events is a breeze with Air Movement Solutions' commercial outdoor fans. Our commercial cooling fans are expertly designed to meet the demands of various hospitality settings, from elaborate outdoor weddings to energetic sporting events. Our industrial fans for outdoor use feature innovative designs to optimize air circulation, ensuring every corner of your event space benefits from a cool and gentle breeze. At Air Movement Solutions, we're committed to providing high-performance cooling solutions at an economical price, making comfort accessible to every event and venue.

AirBlast Loading Dock Fan

The AirBlast loading dock fan is ideally sized at 16” for use in a multitude of tight spaces. This powerful dock fan comes with a mobile pedestal or you can get an optional arm to mount it to a wall or loading dock doors. Our industrial pedestal fan delivers huge amounts of air over 100’ distance. The AirBlast high velocity pedestal fan can also be angled up/down as appropriate for your specific application. Improve worker performance and safety with industrial fans like the AirBlast loading dock fan!

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AirMobile Portable Directional Fan

AirMobile is a portable directional fan that delivers huge air with very low noise levels. This means a quiet operation for anyone working close to the fan, yet powerful enough to move air 100’ or more away. OSHA finger guarding, and useable indoors or outdoors.

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Spartan Smart Mobile Evaporative Cooler

Rugged is an understatement for the Spartan smart mobile evaporative cooler. Designed for constant use in any outdoor environment, Spartan is the ultimate industrial portable evaporative cooler on the market. Combine smart controls with strong performance, and Spartan will cool your employees, your team, or whatever your target audience is. Review our product details for specifics, and contact us to achieve the Spartan mobile evaporative cooling experience.

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Vector Commercial Misting Fan

Don’t mistake the high aesthetics, Vector is an industrial grade cooling solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Silent operation, wide range oscillation, and ease of mobility make it the superior choice in commercial outdoor misting fan solutions. Review our product details for specifics, and imagine how a Vector commercial misting fan will compliment your people, and your space.

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Discover the Power of Commercial Outdoor Fans for Event Cooling

Air Movement Solutions outdoor industrial fans are the solution to the challenge of keeping people comfortable at outdoor events that you've been searching for. Our commercial cooling fans are designed to provide a significant cooling effect in open-air settings such as weddings, sporting events and fairs. These exceptionally quiet industrial fans ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for your guests. Ideal for event coordinators seeking reliable and effective cooling solutions, our portable industrial fans are also easy to set up. The cooling breeze also helps keep the area free from insects, adding to the overall comfort of your event. Our fans guarantee a cooler, more enjoyable environment for both guests and staff at outdoor activities.


Benefits of Industrial Cooling Fans for Outdoor Events

Industrial cooling fans play a crucial role in enhancing the comfort and experience at many types of outdoor gatherings. Whether you need industrial fans for outdoor weddings or commercial cooling fans for large public events, AMS fans offer a range of benefits:

  • Extended Cooling Range: Our industrial cooling fans create a far-reaching breeze, effective over 100 feet, ideal for large outdoor commercial spaces.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: AMS' quiet industrial fans ensure minimal noise intrusion, preserving the event's ambiance.
  • Bug Deterrent: The airflow from portable industrial cooling fans helps reduce the presence of bugs, including mosquitoes, bees and flies, adding comfort to your event setting.
  • Optional Misting Feature: Some outdoor evaporative coolers include a misting option, providing additional cooling on extremely hot days.
  • Portability for Flexible Use: Portable industrial cooling fans are easy to move for optimal placement, catering to the specific needs of the event.
  • Enhanced Comfort for Everyone: AMS specializes in outdoor industrial fans designed for both guest comfort and employee well-being. This is particularly crucial for events like sporting events and fairs where staff may exert themselves outdoors for extended periods in extreme weather conditions.

Portable Industrial Fans for Every Event

Commercial outdoor fans bring a cooling touch to a variety of hospitality venues, such as:

  • Weddings + Receptions
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts + Festivals
  • Fairs + Carnivals
  • Corporate Events
  • Camping + Glamping Sites
  • Pavillions
  • Event Rental Spaces
  • Theme Parks + Outdoor Exhibits
  • Agricultural Shows + Equestrian Events
  • Art + Craft Shows
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Food Markets + Outdoor Dining Areas

Industrial Fans for Outdoor Weddings & Other Events

Here are some examples of how commercial outdoor fans can help make your event a success.

  • Evaporative Coolers: For large, open venues, the Smart Mobile Spartan evaporative cooler moves easily to where it's needed most, ensuring efficient cooling across your event space. The Vector commercial misting fan is ideal for semi-enclosed spaces, providing a refreshing mist without excess moisture.
  • AirMobile Portable Fans: When precision cooling is key, the AirMobile directional fan delivers. It's portable, powerful and operates quietly, making it perfect for targeted cooling at outdoor events where noise is a concern.

Our portable industrial fans and outdoor evaporative coolers can be combined to create the perfect cooling strategy for any event, ensuring it goes off without a hitch.

Enhance Comfort With Commercial Cooling Fans From Air Movement Solutions

Maximize guest comfort at your next event with our quiet and powerful commercial outdoor fans. From barn weddings to music festivals, our fans ensure a cool, pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Make your event unforgettable - find the perfect cooling solution at AMS today!


Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Cooling Fans

Looking for more information on commercial outdoor fans and evaporative coolers? Our FAQs cover essential details to help you choose the right cooling solution for your event.

Outdoor evaporative coolers work by evaporating water to cool the air, effectively lowering the temperature in the surrounding area. Ideal for hot, dry climates, they significantly reduce temperatures, creating a more comfortable environment. Some models also offer a misting option, providing an extra element of cooling comfort for outdoor and semi-open spaces like patios, pools or amusement parks.

Our specially designed AirMobile portable industrial fans are designed to move large volumes of air, helping to equalize temperature and humidity in outdoor settings. Their whisper-quiet operation ensures effective cooling without disrupting communication or the event's ambiance. With easy-to-move casters, these fans offer flexibility in positioning, making them ideal for various outdoor events where reliable, unobtrusive air circulation is essential.

All AMS industrial cooling fans and evaporative coolers are designed to operate quietly. They provide significant cooling without disrupting conversations or event proceedings, making them perfect for any gathering where noise is a concern.

AMS commercial outdoor fans feature advanced design, which prioritizes efficiency, quiet operation and versatility. Our fans are engineered for optimal air circulation, ensuring a comfortable environment even in expansive outdoor settings. Additionally, we have fans with specialty features like portability and misting options to meet the unique needs of different events and venues. With AMS, you're choosing cooling technology that's at the forefront of innovation and user comfort.

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