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Our industrial fans excel in warehouses, garages, factories, gyms, barns, and are engineered to move large volumes of air. We have HVLS fans ideal for large open spaces, and directional fans that can be positioned in tighter spaces, keeping your people cool and energized. Industrial fans help improve air quality and employee well-being, which can then lead to increased productivity in any industrial setting. Improve the comfort of your space with our high-quality industrial fans for sale.

AirFocus Single Speed Industrial Overhead Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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AirMobile Portable Directional Fan

AirMobile is a portable directional fan that delivers huge air with very low noise levels. This means a quiet operation for anyone working close to the fan, yet powerful enough to move air 100’ or more away. OSHA finger guarding, and useable indoors or outdoors.

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AirBlast Loading Dock Fan

The AirBlast loading dock fan is ideally sized at 16” for use in a multitude of tight spaces. This powerful dock fan comes with a mobile pedestal or you can get an optional arm to mount it to a wall or loading dock doors. Our industrial pedestal fan delivers huge amounts of air over 100’ distance. The AirBlast high velocity pedestal fan can also be angled up/down as appropriate for your specific application. Improve worker performance and safety with industrial fans like the AirBlast loading dock fan!

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AirComfort HVLS Fan

The AirComfort Series from Air Movement Solutions leads the industry with the perfect combination of High Aesthetics and serious Air Movement. Available in sizes from 7’ to 14’, it fits a wide range of venues such as: Restaurants and Bars, Fitness Centers, Retail shopping, to Shops and Barn spaces. A complete selection of control options exist as well.

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AirFlow HVLS Fan

AirFlow is perfect for large spaces, tall ceilings, and customers that want Industrial Reliability at an affordable price. Consider the 20’ or 24’ diameter AirFlow in large open areas where the direct drive and airfoils produce columns of air that will put smiling faces on occupants…

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AirFocus Variable Speed Directional Ceiling Fan

AirFocus is perfect for any space and requires only two feet of clearance above the fan. Installation via our Safe Strap system is simple and safe. Hang the AirFocus where you need it most, at the angle you prefer, and keep employees comfortable during the hot days of summer.

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Industrial Fans Designed to Meet Your Needs

Upgrade your space with powerful industrial fans from Air Movement Solutions. Our range of industrial heavy-duty fans is designed to enhance airflow, improve air quality and maintain optimal working conditions in your facility. We offer a wide range of industrial ceiling fans, each tailored to the specific needs of your space. Whether you're looking for HLVS fans for your large manufacturing space or warehouse-specific fans, Air Movement Solutions has you covered.


Applications of Industrial Heavy-Duty Fans

Industrial heavy-duty fans play a vital role in a wide array of industries, enhancing air movement and creating optimal environments for productivity and safety. Here's a closer look at how industrial fans are applied across different sectors:

  • Automotive Manufacturing: In automotive plants, industrial cooling fans like our directional fans help regulate temperatures and disperse fumes generated by painting, welding and other processes. They contribute to a healthier work environment and ensure the quality of finished products.
  • Food Processing: Industrial ceiling fans are essential for maintaining sanitary conditions in food processing facilities. They aid in preventing moisture buildup, controlling air quality and supporting proper food safety protocols.
  • Metal Fabrication: In metalworking shops, industrial heavy-duty fans assist in removing smoke, dust and metal particles generated during cutting, welding and grinding operations. This enhances air quality and safeguards worker health.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities rely on industrial fans like our evaporative coolers to maintain controlled environments with precise temperature, humidity, and air quality levels. This is crucial for ensuring product integrity and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Chemical Processing: Industrial fans assist in controlling the release of fumes and vapors in chemical processing plants. They aid in maintaining safe working conditions and preventing the spread of hazardous substances.
  • Energy & Power Generation: In power plants and energy facilities, industrial fans help dissipate equipment-generated heat. They play a key role in cooling turbines, generators and other machinery to ensure efficient operations.

Key Features of Industrial Ceiling Fans

Each of our industrial fans is distinct in its own right, yet they all share some key features that define their exceptional quality and performance.

  • High Efficiency: Our industrial fans are engineered for efficiency, moving large volumes of air while consuming minimal energy. This translates to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, our industrial heavy-duty fans feature durable materials and construction that ensure longevity and reliable performance.
  • Effective Air Circulation: Proper air circulation maintains consistent temperatures and air quality. Our industrial cooling fans help distribute air evenly, reducing hotspots and promoting a more comfortable work environment.
  • Noise Control: Despite their powerful performance, our industrial ceiling fans are designed with noise reduction in mind. This ensures that your employees can work comfortably without excessive noise disruption.

Industrial Fan Setup

Our industrial fans can move impressive amounts of air to keep your work environment comfortable, all while remaining whisper quiet. But one of the best things about them is their easy setup. Check out the step-by-step setup tutorial for our AirMobile Portable Directional Fan below.

Transform Your Workspace With Industrial Fans from Air Movement Solutions

Upgrade your industrial environment with the power of Air Movement Solutions industrial fans. Our cutting-edge fan technology is engineered to elevate airflow, improve air quality and enhance overall comfort. Whether you're looking to regulate temperatures in a manufacturing facility, ensure proper ventilation in a warehouse or create a safer work environment, our range of industrial cooling fans has you covered. Don't compromise on performance. Choose Air Movement Solutions for top-tier industrial fans that deliver efficiency, durability and results.

Frequently Asked Questions: Industrial Fans

If you have any questions or need more information about our industrial fans, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Industrial heavy-duty fans are designed to handle larger spaces and more demanding conditions than residential fans. They are built for heavy-duty use, have more robust construction and move much larger volumes of air.

Yes, industrial fans can help reduce energy costs. By improving air circulation and preventing the need for excessive air conditioning or heating, they can help regulate temperatures more efficiently, leading to energy savings.

Yes, regular maintenance is essential to ensure industrial cooling fans' optimal performance and longevity. Dust and debris can accumulate over time, affecting efficiency. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and periodic inspections are recommended to keep the fans operating smoothly.

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